Sell us your startup idea

In a 60-second video, explain your startup idea and why you need $2,500 to test your concept or advance your business.

Your video pitch is judged on:

  1. Presentation of the problem your business solves
  2. How your business will solve the problem
  3. How your business will use the $2,500 prize money to test your business concept

Video Intro Instructions:

Please orient your camera horizontally.

Read the following statement on camera before beginning your 60-second pitch:  “My name is ____, my business is called ____, and this is my pitch for the Tulsa StartUp Series.”

You’ve submitted your video pitch, what happens next?

A panel of judges selects 5 video pitches to compete in person for $2,500. These finalists are announced via email the second Wednesday of the month at 5pm.

Upload Your Video