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Battle at the DEMO DAY Semifinals for a chance to compete at DEMO DAY

DEMO DAY Semifinals

Oct. 25, 2017

Twenty entrepreneurs will compete at DEMO DAY Semifinals on Oct. 25, 2017. These include Pitch Series winners and at-large entries.

Everyone who wants to compete at DEMO DAY (even Pitch Series winners) uploads a 10-slide pitch deck during the DEMO DAY application period (after the final pitch series ends).

Judges select 20 semi-finalists from the submissions to compete at the DEMO DAY Semifinals

Each semifinalist at DEMO DAY Semifinals:

Gives five-minute live pitch referencing all 10 pitch slides

Fields five-minute Q&A from judges

Top Five DEMO DAY finalists will be announced on Oct. 27.


Nov. 15, 2017

It’s time to get down to the big business of winning $15,000. Only FIVE Startup Series finalists remain. Each presents a five-minute pitch at Demo Day on Nov. 15, 2017.

All semifinalists who are not in the Top Five, we invite you to set up a trade show type booth at Demo Day to maximize exposure of your brand.

Each finalist at DEMO DAY:

Gives five-minute live pitch

Fields five-minute Q&A from judges

Judges announce live the winner of the Tulsa StartUp Series

The winner of the 2016-17 StartUp Series Competition receives $15,000 to advance their business, along with a year’s membership and desk at 36 Degrees North and a dedicated mentor for 12 months.

10-Slide Pitch Deck Requirements

  • Slide 1 – Elevator Pitch
    • A short, 1-2 sentence explanation of your company:
    • What your company does
    • How your company does it
    • Why your company does it
  • Slide 2 – The Problem
    • What is the problem your company solves?
    • Who has the problem?
    • Why is that problem a big deal?
  • Slide 3 – Your Solution
    • How do you fix your customer’s problem?
    • How is it different, better than others?
    • Customer example / demo
  • Slide 4 – Unfair Advantage
    • Proprietary technology
    • Experienced team
    • Market traction
  • Slide 5 – Business Model
    • Top sources of revenue
    • Cost of goods sold
  • Slide 6 – Market Size
    • Top Down or Bottom Up Calculation
    • Characteristics of the market
  • Slide 7 – Marketing Plan
    • How do you get customers?
    • How many customer can you get?
    • How much will it cost you to get these customers?
    • How many leads will convert into customers?
  • Slide 8 – Competitors
    • Who are all of your competitors?
    • How are you different/better?
  • Slide 9 – Team
    • Who is on your team?
    • Expertise
    • Experience
  • Slide 10 – Milestones
    • What are your goals for the next year?
    • How will you achieve these goals?
    • How will winning help you achieve these goals?
    • Pitch Series winners also need to explain how they used the $2500 prize money to test their business concept

Tips for making slide deck:

  • More graphics, less text
  • Slides are not your script
  • Font should never be less than 30pt
  • Slides should be in PDF format

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