Step 1

Pick Your Pitch Series.

Chooses which Pitch Series fits your Startup best. A new Pitch Series happens every other month.

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Step 2

Submit Your Video Pitch.

Create a 60-second video pitch, submit right here.

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Step 3

Compete for $2,500.

For each Pitch Series, FIVE finalists make a live pitch to win $2,500 AND an automatic bid to compete for $15,000.

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Step 4

Compete for $15,000.

The five pitch series winners will be joined by two at-large competitors selected from the pitch series entries on November 14, 2018 as they compete at Demo Day for a grand prize including $15,000.

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  • Our idea started really complex and really wide and the coaches have helped us narrow that down so in that 30 seconds we can express an idea that a lot of people understand and a lot of people can get behind.

    Tyler DeWitt Peritus Resource Group
  • Our coaching forced us to look at aspects we might not have really looked at before in our business model which has been invaluable for us.

    Amy Murray Nourish Drink
  • I think the competition really helped us hone our skills as far as presenting our product and getting our idea out there. We have used the skills we learned in the StartUp competition to sell our product and grow our business. Thanks, Tulsa StartUp Series!

  • All my coaches provided some great feedback and detail. I really appreciate them and even the judges, thanking them for some of the questions and they have had some great feedback as well.

    Corey Carolina Carolina Food Company LLC
  • We want to thank the judges and the coaches for all of their feedback. It has really helped us to narrow in on our business model and be able to adjust some things accordingly.

    Autumn Worten BrightTot
  • People always said it whenever we first started entering that the coaching is worth more than anything you could win and I would definitely say that is true. Coaching was excellent.

    Two Guys Bowties
  • The real value was in participating in the competition. It’s what drove us to improve the model and message of our business.  The competition itself made us re-examine our assumptions in the process of launching our business and what we needed to do to improve our business model. Interaction with the judges and coaches helped us refine our model and the way we conveyed that model. It was also a great opportunity for us to discover new ways to use 4DSales to present our vision.

    Doug Tatum, Brian Carpenter and Mike Ishmael 4DSales